Updated 26th July 2021

Emerging Self in a Changing World

This conference took place on 1st June, with around 170 participants from Brazil to Australia, with plenary presentations by the founders, and 6 workshops by our members.

Links to the six plenary presentations are now available to members at Conference Presentations. They will also be sent out to people who registered for the conference (please let me know if they don’t arrive).

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This is now active and all members are able to post. See Bulletin Board and IG-LIST Discussion Group for information.

There are now new threads to continue the discussions from the conference. Please use them and add your own!


In the past years, there has been a renewed interest in understanding Gestalt Therapy from the perspective of field-emergent Self, which is informed by the early texts from Fritz Perls and Paul Goodman.

IG-FEST is an international study group of Gestaltists who want to develop the kind of work that we as a founding group have been writing about and teaching, through online links of various sorts – webinars, peer supervision groups and practica, supervision days, discussion between trainers and therapists in different countries, online workshops, sharing writings and videos. Members are invited as collaborators, not as trainees, and will be showing what you are doing with what we have been teaching. The group will be actively multicultural, diverse and accessible to people with less time and income.

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IG-FEST events (mostly free to members) can be viewed and signed up for on the Events tab.

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Peter has posted new videos at Videos/Audio: his lecture and the discussion at the IG-FEST event ‘Gestalt Therapy as Clinical Husserlian Phenomenology‘, and a conference presentation and therapy demonstration from the conference of the Pogodin Academy, Ukraine. Also a new article about Confluence and Self at Online writings.

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Other events are happening. Peter, Julianne and our member Anne Pettit have given events. Keep looking at the events tab. And consider offering an event!

There are some new videos (including translations into Russian) and translations of articles on the site. More will follow!

We have news from colleagues in Belarus including members of IG-FEST, who have been protesting against government repression. See the video in News.